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Our History



Herrick Technology Laboratories, Inc. (HTL) was formed in 2000 as an Electronics R&D Lab focused on the design and development of signal detection & exploitation systems for the US Department of Defense. 

Following the Company’s acquisition in July 2013, HTL made a strategic shift from prototyping to the design and manufacture of end-user SIGINT/EW products and systems. HTL has developed a high-performance software defined radio architecture for multi-channel, low size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) applications.

To support a broad range of customer and programmatic applications, HTL features an open architecture design, and facilitates third party development via an available Software Development Kit (SDK) and Board Support Package. The open design optimizes the portability of SIGINT and C4ISR applications between embedded and PC architectures, enabling 3rd party integration and application development. 

HTL is headquartered in Germantown MD, which includes the company’s corporate office, development laboratory, and recently expanded production facility. Our Manchester, NH facility remains a development and production lab, providing design, assembly and test of prototype systems and low quantity production runs.  In addition, HTL provides a range of support services to ensure product performance and mission effectiveness such as signal environment analysis, interference studies and mitigation modeling, antenna optimization efforts, and field testing and analysis of systems and capabilities.