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HTL Email Migration Status Page



The text above will be updated as the migration progresses. A green status of "COMPLETE" indicates early completion and that the PDF guide linked below can be used to set up access to the new email server.


Start time - Fri, Nov 6th @ 6PM

End time - Mon, Nov 9th @ 8AM


PDF Guide (migration complete - proceed with steps in guide, begins on pg 4

Link to self up self-service password reset/MFA below. It can be used to access the web-based Outlook (OWA) while proceeding through the remaining steps in the PDF guide.



For help with any issues after migration, please contact the IT helpdesk using the desktop shortcut to access the web portal. Email is not required to submit a help ticket through the browser-based portal.

Tickets can also be opened by sending an email from personal/non-company account to .